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Santa Maria Palos Position One (left)

         This mosaic was acquired by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity on Sols 2453-2454 (Dec. 18-19, 2010).  Pancam's 753 nm, 535 nm, and 432 nm filters were used. The scene is viewed from a position on the rim of Santa Maria Crater named Palos, looking eastward across the football-field sized crater, and is the left vantage point of two long-baseline stereo views. This panorama spans 225 compass degrees, from north-northwest on the left to south-southwest on the right. Santa Maria, named for Columbus's ship, was a stop on the long trek to Endeavour Crater. Three versions of this mosaic are available below at full resolution: an approximate true color rendering, and a false color stretch to enhance the subtle color differences in the scene, and a short-baseline stereo anaglyph. As Opportunity continued a partial circumnavigation of Santa Maria, a short baseline stereo mosaic was acquired at the south rim as well as left and right views from Position Two.   



Jim Bell
Pancam Instrument Lead
February 8, 2011

Full Resolution Images
True Color Thumb
  Approximate True Color   .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 14745 x 4000
False Color Thumb
  False Color    .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 14745 x 4000

False Color Thumb
  Anaglyph    .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 14745 x 4000

   Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
   Image mosaicking:
     Jim Bell, Jonathan Joseph
   Calibration and color
   rendering: CCC
   and the Pancam Team (Jim Bell)
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