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Post Drive (Sol 613)

        The Spirit rover acquired this mosaic on Sol 613 (Sept. 23, 2005). The view spans about 120 degrees. Pancam's 753nm, 535nm, and 482nm filters were used to create this image. Two versions are provided at full resolution: an approximate true color rendering, and a false color rendering which enhances the subtle color differences between layers of rocks and soils in the scene.


Jim Bell
Pancam Instrument Lead
September 14, 2006

Full Resolution Images
  Approximate true color
  Image size: 7099 x 3627
Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
Image mosaicking: Cornell Pancam team (Elaina McCartney, J.R. Skok)
Calibration and color rendering: CCC and the Pancam team (Jim Bell)
  False color
  Image size: 7099 x 3690
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