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Nobbys Head

         This mosaic was acquired by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity on Sol 3335 (June 11, 2013). The image shows Nobbys Head from a mid-drive position, after the rover drove close to the feature to assess slopes in the area. The left two Pancam frames contained color while the remaining four used stereo filters only. The sprawling floor of Endeavour Crater and part of the far crater rim can be seen in the background, while Solander Point rises in the right frame. The name Nobbys Head refers to a headland on the southeast coast of Australia. The mosaic is approximately 80° wide. Pancam's 753nm, 535nm, and 432nm filters were used in making this mosaic.  Three versions are provided at full resolution: an approximate true color rendering, a false color rendering which enhances the subtle color differences in the scene, and a stereo anaglyph for 3D viewing through red blue glasses.



Jim Bell
Pancam Instrument Lead
Feb. 4, 2015

Full Resolution Images
True Color Thumb
  True Color   .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 5553 x 1109
False Color Thumb
  False Color    .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 5553 x 1109

False Color Thumb
  Stereo Anaglyph    .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 5553 x 1109

   Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/ASU
   Image mosaicking:
     Jon Beans Proton,
     Jonathan Joseph,
     Emily Dean
   Calibration and color
   rendering: CCC
   and the Pancam team (Jim Bell)
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