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Garrels Panorama

         This mosaic was acquired by the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity on Sols 1530-1545 (May 13-29, 2008).  Pancam's 432nm and 436nm filters were used in making this mosaic.  Although other color filters were acquired, the additional data did not make it to Earth; the panorama was taken while Opportunity's IDD (Instrument Deployment Device) was being diagnosed, and was not deemed as high priority as subsequent closer imaging of Cape Verde. Thus some color data was deleted to make room onboard the spacecraft. Three versions are provided at full resolution, one taken by the left camera, one taken by the right camera, and a composite anaglyph.



Jim Bell
Pancam Instrument Lead
February 8, 2011

Full Resolution Images
True Color Thumb
  Left Camera   .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 23123 x 6799
False Color Thumb
  Right Camera    .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 23123 x 6799

False Color Thumb
  Anaglyph    .jpg    .tif
  Image size: 23123 x 6799

   Image credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell
   Image mosaicking:
     Elaina McCartney,
     Jon Beans Proton,
     Jonathan Joseph
   Calibration and color
   rendering: CCC
   and the Pancam team (Jim Bell)
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